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Mentality Of A Virgin Giving Birth

January 21, 2009

Mary, the mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was said to have given birth to the one and only begotten son of God as a virgin.

Mary, though a wife to Joseph at the time of the birth of Jesus, must have considered her newborn with a much different perspective than mothers who must first have sex to become pregnant.

The content Mary carried in her womb, as told to her by the angel Gabriel, was to be the light of the world and salvation for the sinful and faithless. The mother of this great individual to come couldn’t have been older than 18, an age younger than that of the author of this post. Though the cultures were surely different, regardless of the era, early motherhood is never a walk in the park.


You Don’t Know Love Until You’ve Owned A Rabbit

March 27, 2008

Ya see, I’ve got this rabbit and her name’s Angie, short for Angel (an 8 year old girl named her, not me).

We bought the little rascal on a humid ass, cloudy day in summer on a whim. That morning my mom left to hang out with some of her friends for the day leaving my father, sister, and I to fend for ourselves. She called to let me know she wouldn’t be home for lunch because she was doing some crap I had absolutely no interest in and made sure she knew this; she called me a turd. I aptly hung up the phone after a few quick, but sincere, I love you’s and bounded along to let father dearest and sister-o-mine know the news. My tummy growled angrily at me and I knew it would be time soon for some delicious Chicken Fries from the delicatessen, Burger King.