Mentality Of A Virgin Giving Birth

Mary, the mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was said to have given birth to the one and only begotten son of God as a virgin.

Mary, though a wife to Joseph at the time of the birth of Jesus, must have considered her newborn with a much different perspective than mothers who must first have sex to become pregnant.

The content Mary carried in her womb, as told to her by the angel Gabriel, was to be the light of the world and salvation for the sinful and faithless. The mother of this great individual to come couldn’t have been older than 18, an age younger than that of the author of this post. Though the cultures were surely different, regardless of the era, early motherhood is never a walk in the park.

Sexual reproduction usually involves a male and female of a species. The male and female attract the other and copulate with hopes of impregnating the female. If the mating was successful, a new infant grows inside the female until it is ready to exit in a simultaneously violent and beautiful display of the continuance of life.

In humans, the attraction phase of finding a mate is infinitely more complex than that of the animal kingdom. Higher level thought processes come into effect that can combat instinct by choosing a mate that is nurturing but may not be as physically or biologically pristine as another. Many times what seems to be sophisticated methods of humans choosing a partner is nothing more than a illusion; for example being attracted to someone for reasons that don’t seem to make sense could simply boil down to the fact that the odors of the two are compatible, an instinctual trait.

Joseph, Mary’s wife, chose her based on first and foremost her appearance; with her family history adding to her attractiveness. As a Jewish man, Joseph clearly had intention of having children with his young wife, but had his hopes interrupted when he realized she was pregnant, as a virgin.

This is key to understanding how Mary must have saw Jesus when she gave birth to him.

She did not experience the carnal pleasure of sexual intercourse with her spouse; she had not planned to have a child but was told she would be the vessel for a great man. Mary had never undergone the throes of passion and lust to conceive Jesus. What she must have felt when she saw him in her arms could not have been the same as what a “normal” mother feels.

All mothers release oxtocin during birth and that in a way forces the maternal feeling in a woman, but a “normal” mother would equate the feeling of love during birth with that she felt during sex as the same chemical is released. A mother remembers how her child was conceived. She recalls the sensations during the moment of conception. She equates orgasm with feelings both of well being and child bearing. Mary could not have felt any of this.

To Mary, Jesus was a part of her but not of her, and she loved him immensely. Her love, though, was in a sense was more pure than that of a “normal” mother.

Mary had her bundle of love expelled from her body in the usual method, filled with plenty of blood and excruciating pain. Mary had never experienced any physical pleasure from pregnancy to birth. Her love of Jesus was the most innocent form of love, free from any worldly influence. She cherished her child as a little girl cherishes a little puppy, without limit or deviation. Jesus was not her subordinate, but a part of her; an equal in a way, superior in others if you believe the story. To Jesus though, Mary was his mother, and much like any little boy sees his mother, a goddess. The love the two shared is a model for how every mother and son should treat their inseparable bond.

Imagine the strength of this young woman!

She held a package to grow inside her by orders of an ethereal being whose orders were given by the Supreme to direct Mary to raise, protect, coddle, and teach this savior of how to live so that He may couple the love that was shown to him by his selfless surrogate-birth mother, who had to take up her own cross and deal with the pain of motherhood, and everlasting Holy Father, from which all love comes.

Now, this is not to say that Mary treated Jesus like a God. He probably got a few deserved spankings as a youth :).

But frankly, what loving mother would deny her child some Godly discipline?

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