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My Day With Dipping Tobacco: Not A Good Idea

November 19, 2008

I have used dip twice in my life and this is the story of the first; it will make you realize I am an idiot for doing it another time.

Dip, not to be confused with chewing tobacco, is a nasty looking mass of tobacco and nicotine delivery systems (read: broken glass) packed inside a container the size of a tuna can. It carries a rather pleasant aroma that reminds one of candy, as if the tobacco industry needed any more reason to be accused of attracting more customers. The method of using dip is to take a pinch of the mass and place it between your bottom lip and teeth while sucking said mass of tobacco and spitting out the black juice produced. Remember, I did this twice. (more…)

Letter To Senator Chuck Hagel

March 27, 2008

Sir, please don’t retire from the Senate, you’re one of the few Republicans left on The Hill.

I’m a 19 year old registered Republican and have spoken with friends on whom we feel truly represent what our party is supposed to stand for, and your name comes up regularly amongst the ranks of Mr. Goldwater and Dr. Paul.

I’ve read speeches you’ve made as well as searched your name earlier today on Wikipedia after viewing you on CNN speaking candidly on the state of the union.