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You Don’t Know Love Until You’ve Owned A Rabbit

March 27, 2008

Ya see, I’ve got this rabbit and her name’s Angie, short for Angel (an 8 year old girl named her, not me).

We bought the little rascal on a humid ass, cloudy day in summer on a whim. That morning my mom left to hang out with some of her friends for the day leaving my father, sister, and I to fend for ourselves. She called to let me know she wouldn’t be home for lunch because she was doing some crap I had absolutely no interest in and made sure she knew this; she called me a turd. I aptly hung up the phone after a few quick, but sincere, I love you’s and bounded along to let father dearest and sister-o-mine know the news. My tummy growled angrily at me and I knew it would be time soon for some delicious Chicken Fries from the delicatessen, Burger King.