Cannabis Etiquette: Smoking With Friends

This isn’t to incite young people to start ingesting any substance other than food or the yummy purple medicine your mommy gives you when you have a cough.

Please be intelligent when using any intoxicating substance, and don’t drive. I tend to kill those that are DUI. Cannabis and other substances which affect one’s ability to think and act should only be used by those who are mature enough to understand the consequences and are able to use the substance safely.

So without further ado, here’s a guide to being a more sociable toker with your buddies:


  • Le Ganja
  • Smoking Device (Paper/Bowl/Bong/Bubbler/Gas Mask/Etc.)
  • Lighter (A coveted item that gets lost at the most inopportune times)
  • Friends (Yay!)
  • Safe Location. (Saves thee from paranoia/jail time)


1. If you have any ganja on you, ALWAYS offer to pack the first bowl/paper. If more than one bowl/paper are going to be smoked, everyone should eventually contribute to the smoke.

2. If you have a smoking device, offer to use it (Bonus: You get resin in a bowl. aka free THC for later).

3. Pack a bowl with plenty of green so that it overflows the brim but doesn’t fall out (aka Salad Bowl).

4. Make sure bowl/paper is not too tightly packed so greens aren’t burned needlessly as the smoke in a bowl/paper packed too tight will not be able to enter one’s lungs and will simply burn away.

5. Arrange friends in a geometric shape and discuss the smoking order’s progressing starting with the person who first sparks the bowl/paper.

Get Smoking!

1. To be courteous, if you packed the bowl, offer greens to the person to your right.

2. Always hold the lighter on the brim of the bowl/paper to ignite the least possible plant matter first, then inhale to spread the flame to the unburnt green. (This saves some fresh green for your buddies).
Hold the hit in for as long as you can, but be aware that most THC gets absorbed in 10 seconds and after that you’re inhaling other cannabinoids and potential carcinogens if not using a piece that filters through water.

3. Make sure you take a hit equivalent to what you can handle, coughing up your hit will only anger your friends.

4. Take no more than two hits per round as it is selfish to take more.

5. Make sure you have not slobbered on the bowl/paper. If you have, use a lighter to lightly kill bacteria/dry the piece.

6a. Pass the bowl to the person next in rotation either bowl facing them or sideways so the mouthpiece is towards them but do not hand it to them with the mouthpiece directly facing them; that is rude and shows impatience.6

6b. If using a paper, always hold it in a manner so your fingers are closest to the burning plant matter as to not burn your friend when passing it along.

7. When done with your hit(s), join in conversation and be social 🙂

8. If using a bowl, the next time it comes to you, use a lighter to move the plant matter on the sidewalls down to the middle and pack it down. If using a paper, make sure the paper is burning evenly.

9. When done with the first bowl/paper, if you didn’t pack the first bowl, offer to pack the second and the cycle continues until everyone’s done.

  • Use the lighting method mentioned above, it is referred to as “cornering”
  • Do not keep the flame burning the ganj if it is still green.
  • Only keep the flame on when holding it for a solid second won’t heat the ganj to a point where it will continue to burn without the flame on the next inhale (known as the “cherry”).
  • Do not hold the bowl/paper without taking a hit, this will cause the cherry to die down and will only waste weed as it will continue to burn without it being put to use.
  • If you have water, offer it to anyone that asks. Bonus if you offer it beforehand.
  • Same thing goes for food. If you have it, offer it.
  • If you’re hungry/thirsty, do not abuse your host’s generosity.
  • The rules of the logistics of the smoke (location/rotation) belong to the owner of the place where you’ll be smoking.
  • The rules of how much will be smoked using what methods belong to the owner of the ganj/piece.
  • Try to always use a grinder. If you’re grinding for someone else using your own grinder, dump the rest that you can’t pick up back into their bag, thief.
  • Do not inhale too hard for the possibility of sucking through the weed if using a bowl. If smoking a paper, there really isn’t too much of a problem inhaling hard.
  • If the bowl is clogged, do not continue to light after the first attempt. Get a pin/needle and poke through the hole to clear it.
  • Do not drop someone else’s bowl
  • Do not drop someone else’s ganj
  • Do not drop someone’s waterpipe/water in the pipe.
  • Do not do the above 3 things if you own them and others are relying on you for the smoke; don’t ruin everyone’s day.
  • Do not pass a finished bowl/paper to someone else. If you think a bowl is done, take another hit where you keep the flame burning the ganj. If little or no smoke comes out, declare the bowl/paper “beat.” and empty it out where the owner of the location asks.
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