About Yours Truly

Howdy, my name’s Victor Reis.

Italian/Portuguese/Scottish/Austrian Genetics
Brazilian Born
American Assimilated

Non-Dogmatic Catholic (oxymoron I know)

Republican – Paleo-Conservative (As opposed to the NeoCons)

Dire love of Formula 1, Lacrosse, Football (American and otherwise), and my bunny, among other things.

Very inexperienced blogger/designer; this trait will most definitely be quite apparent.

Well I just started up this blog to get some footing in writing/designing/publishing and all the other jazz associated with these. I’m terribly interested in web design especially, but have no skill to speak of in said field and thus I have decided to just fool around to gain some experience. I’ve got some pretty good ideas, but the fact I don’t have the skill yet to put those ideas into a product pisses me off to no end…But I’m here to learn.

As to what I’ll post about…I really couldn’t tell you, mostly because I don’t know myself…But I assume it shall be pretty fantastic.

Any criticism/assistance/tips are greatly appreciated to help yours truly out.


You can reach me at ThyMonarch@Gmail.com


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