Letter To Senator Chuck Hagel

Sir, please don’t retire from the Senate, you’re one of the few Republicans left on The Hill.

I’m a 19 year old registered Republican and have spoken with friends on whom we feel truly represent what our party is supposed to stand for, and your name comes up regularly amongst the ranks of Mr. Goldwater and Dr. Paul.

I’ve read speeches you’ve made as well as searched your name earlier today on Wikipedia after viewing you on CNN speaking candidly on the state of the union.

If you leave, we’ll have one less outspoken patriot who, as you put so beautifully, “took an oath of office to the Constitution” and “didn’t take an oath of office to my party or my president.” Long gone are the days when that statement made sense to the masses. Long gone are the days of checking the power of the President; the majority of Americans now are either too apathetic to care or are uneducated on the system which this country was founded on. Our President is not an emperor and should never be given power equal as such.

What amazes me is the complete lack of knowledge most Americans have of the Constitution on both sides of the aisle. Our Republican Administration is acting more like Democrats with their irresponsible spending and big government policies while the Democrats are acting more and more conservative. Neither party is acting American.

It is my strong opinion that the base of the Democratic Party’s philosophy is flawed and foolish at best, dangerous at worst. They are the party having our government tell us how to live our lives. Though they feel our government should be our nannies because of the cruel, bestial nature of humanity, they can’t see that this idea, articulated by Thomas Hobbes in his publication, “Leviathan,” will create a tyrannical, “strong man” society where Democracy is impossible.

The Republican Party’s stance of spreading the power around the states to check the Federal Government is so obvious as the best way to function that it is the platform the Democrats are running on this election! James Madison wrote in Federalist #10 to make the Republic as large as possible so no factions can overpower any others. We have two titanic factions that are disenfranchising the majority of the nation. These parties are merging into one larger entity where the lines between the platforms are becoming so blurred that in time we will be in danger of a system kin to that of Russia where the State takes care of everything with disregard of the public.

An example to this is the Department of Education. The Democrats are appalled at the thought of removing it as a Department from the Federal Government while Republicans want to get rid of it, but instead leave the issue to the states. The Democrats have been told to believe the Republicans simply want to remove any and all regulation of education and leave the poorest to suffer! No Child Left Behind has failed so miserably that it is impossible to believe the public can’t see that if the Federal Government really was concerned with the state of education, they would have changed it. They are getting exactly what they want and are paying to keep it that way at our expense.

This is so astoundingly painful to listen to that it has led me to get into shouting matches with ignorant Democrats. I cannot get mad at them because they are just that, ignorant; they just don’t have the information, and for that, I blame the Department of Education.

Democrats think Republicans don’t want businesses to be regulated; of course Republicans want to maintain a fair free-trade market where the safety of consumers’ and employees’ health and rights are protected. Our party simply feels that the government should have no power in telling the businesses how to run because that isn’t free-trade. In fact, free-trade can’t even exist in our system with the FDA failing to protect the people from disease and these no-bid contracts being handed out to create mega corporations. No company can get as powerful as some have without explicit government support. This support cannot exist in a free-market. Neither can the Federal Reserve: The most shameful corporation in existence.

You can’t retire. You must keep speaking the truth. Once the people realize what is going on, those that have been fighting for them will be the ones in power and you, sir, would solidly be in place for the Presidency.

We are tired of the sustained dumbing down of our citizens. We are tired of politicians who will not speak out in fear of losing their power. We are tired of politicians who forget who they are working for. We are tired of the precedences being set that could make America the complete antithesis of what it was intended to be. We are tired of the apathy of the American people. We are tired of the idiotic notion that our government is supposed to control us instead of it being our obligation to check the power of the government.

You are not the typical politician, you are an American and Hero.

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